Fintech for Social Impact

By utilising the features of Ethereum and Hyperledger Sawtooth technology, we are building a transparent, standardized and community-driven crab ecosystem

Existing Market

The journey of crabs from farm to plate faces issues such as lack of standardization and data management. This translates into revenue losses and slower growth rates, among other problems of the industry.

Lack of Quality Markers

Currently, buyers and importers use quantifying factors such as weight to ascribe a quality to the crab. This method is dated and allows crabs of lower quality to be passed of as that of higher quality.

Unavailability of data

There are no data recording & management systems in place, due to which the knowledge is scattered and unconsolidated.

Supply chain imbalances

Due to the unpredictable and unsustainable farming methods, sellers cannot guarantee a regular supply of crabs to the buyers. Thus the supply chain goes through several ups and downs.

Erratic pricing

Due to the supply chain imbalances and the stranglehold of a few intermediaries over the supply of crabs from the sellers to the buyers, the price of crabs fluctuates and remains erratic throughout the year.

Our Solution

ARK is deploying a Blockchain and Hyperledger Sawtooth based solution to strengthen the supply chain and make the sale and purchase of crabs completely verifiable and traceable. ARK is building their own eco-friendly high-tech farms over several acres of land in Sri Lanka to ensure a steady daily supply of crabs for the buyers. ARK-farmed crabs are better for the buyers because:

Quality Assurance

ARK, in partnership with BGI, performs genomic sequencing of all the crabs farmed in their farms. This data is immutably converted into tamper-proof QR codes and is verifiable at every step of the supply chain by anybody with a smartphone.

Optimized farming practices

From crab-feed optimized by the partnership with BGI to the identification and breeding by 'strong' phenotypes, crab-farming in ARK farms is technology-driven. Drones for video surveillance, temperature control, and pond-water quality assessment will be utilized as well.

Data Recording & Management

While the transaction data will be stored on the blockchain, the data regarding crab breeding and fattening will be consolidated and shared with other crab-farmers to improve the overall crab-farming ecosystem and make it more sustainable.

Supply Chain Optimization

ARK has a targeted output of 500kg of crabs delivered daily during the first phase of production. Steady supply of crabs will lead to steady pricing and forecasting.


The ARK ecosystem will bring together different buyers and sellers on a platform where they can engage in transparent and efficient trade practices.

Token Sale

The Token Sale will entail the sale of TCUBE tokens to raise funds for developing the Blockchain-powered platform.


Road map

Our Team

ARK’s team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have an established name in the crab industry.

Lim Tai Toon


Mr Lim began his career with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). After leaving the SAF, Mr Lim worked with several companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange as the Managing Director.

Since 2012, Mr Lim has worked towards inclusive farming in Sri Lanka and is well-versed in biofloc technology for prawns aquaculture.

He is also chairperson of Food Studio Sri Lanka, which recently launched its opening as Sri Lanka’s first food atrium at the Colombo City centre.

Woo Kang Wei


Dr Kang Wei Woo is Chairman, IoT Security for Smart Nation Working Group, ITSC, Singapore.

He was formerly a Director at Compaq and the Head of Architecture Board at NEC.

Dr Woo specializes in theoretical physics and mathematics, cryptographic algorithms, cyber-physical security, blockchain and fintech security.

Ding Mao Chang


Mr Ding is the General manager of Hainan HaiChang Crabs/Prawns Hatchery Co Ltd and has bred crabs for 32 years.

He has published 26 white papers in China, including an award winning paper on "Research on the Prevention and Control of Diseases and Healthy Aquaculture of River Crabs. He holds 3 patents on large-scale outdoor ponds production using ecological technology for the breeding of shrimps and mud crabs.

Dr Chiew Tuan Kiang

SVP Technology

Dr Chiew Tuan Kiang has more than 20 years of experience in managing and leading R&D and product development teams. His research and development portfolio includes: cross-layer optimization of wireless communication, digital marketing platforms, cross-platform mobile application for customer relations management, authentication and registration embedded systems, load testing and vulnerability analysis for web applications.

Fahad Mowlana

SVP Market Development

Mr Fahad Mowlana came from a family with strong political and business ties in Sri Lanka.

As Chairman of Sunbird International (Pvt) Ltd, he is personally involved in Sunbird's strategic expansion into Green Energy, Real Estate and Crabs Farming. Mr Mowlana received his (BA) in Economics & Management at the University of Miami, United States.

Koh Kok Seng

SVP Corporate Affairs & Investors Relations

Mr Koh has more than 25 years of management experience in various financial institutions holding various portfolios in channel sales management, sales & marketing and product strategy.

His last corporate appointment was as Head of Distribution of an international financial services company overseeing more than 3000 distributors in Singapore.

He is currently a director and shareholder of Ark responsible for farms operations in Sri Lanka and retail distribution in Singapore.

Lin Xueqiang

SVP Strategic Alliances (Commercial)

Mr Lin is the General Manager of Hainan BGI Marine Technology Co Ltd. He started with tilapia breeding in 2005 and was the director of Hainan Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences in 2013. He holds a patent for tilapia disease control technology and another patent for grouper breeding technology.

Vernon Lim

SVP Business Development

Mr Lim has more than 25 years of cross-cultural general management experience having worked in Hong Kong, China and USA.

He specialises in greenfield distribution and channel development, channel sales management and operations having held country-level management positions in various financial institutions.

He is currently a director and shareholder of Ark responsible for regional business development.

Naveed Cader

SVP Strategic Alliances (Government)

Mr Naveed Cader is a Director of Liberty Lands & Developments (Pvt) Ltd, a family-owned business with investments in Hospitality, Entertainment and Food & Beverage in Sri Lanka. He is also the Chairman of Scope Cinemas (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s largest cinema company.